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Thursday. 12.7.06 3:48 pm
listening to:Justin Timberlake, What Goes Around

I registered for my Pima classes on Tuesday and my bill came out to 533.50
I'm actually suppose to take 2 more classes but they were full and i'm trying to see if i can still take it but even just being the 3 classes i have now, theres no way i'm going to get the money for it. My gardian says that i only have like 190 left in my account so i don't know what else i can do to make money. Tim says that he can help me get maybe a couple hundred thats left in the fund money from Aztec but thats not enough and i would get a job but theres a lot of shit behind why i cant so thats not possible. i'm gonna be pissed if i cant take my classes cause i'll just sit my fat ass here and rot and i don't want that to happen

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poor pooh pooh bear
Tuesday. 12.5.06 3:17 pm
my baby is sick and i feel soo bad for him. i wish i could be there to rub his tummy and make him somthing warm to eat.... :( i miss him and i hope i see him soon or else i'm gonna go crazy cause my world is empty without him and i want to do everythign i can to make him happy

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Thursday. 11.30.06 2:39 pm
mood: hungry
listening to: diddy ft. Christina Aguilara TELL ME

i got offered a "job" from my BMAS teacher as Aztec. and i should'n't consider it a job cause its just this one time thing. i'm going to help her set up christmas decorations at her house for her company's christmas party or something like that. it doesn't sound too interesting but i'd do anything to get some money for christmas shopping. so yeah. i hope we're decorating inside cause its HELLA cold outside. i'm wearing like 2 jackets but i'm still freezing and it pisses me off cause it doesn't snow here at all , its just plain cold. theres no use to being cold if it doesn't snow.
my eyes are burning too right now.

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Thursday. 11.16.06 5:16 pm
listening to: ying yang twins, bad

so tommorow is Francisco and I's 4 month anniversary and he promised me that he'll be here right? sooo... if he is then that'd proly the best thing he can do for me on that day and i can talk about how much i wuv and all that gushy good shit.

BUT say if he doesn't... then what happens? hmmmmmmmm....still thinking about that but i KNOW thats its not gonna be good and i'm pretty sure that he doesn't want to find out what the hell i'm gonna do to him...

well hopefull that wont happen and then i can be like OMG I LOVE MY BABY AND I"M GONNA BE WITH HIM FOR FOREVER AND EVER lol, i care so much for him and i don't know if he realizes that or not. well shit, he better or else i'm just wasteing my time lol jk, i wuv him!

it looks like i have a double chin in the pic but i really don't, i hope not at least :)

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i don't know
Monday. 11.13.06 3:23 pm
i really cant figure out what i can post about cause some of the stuff i wanna post, is more or less kinda private and i dont want people reading it but the other stuff thati can post is pretty stupid and boring and i don't wanna seem like the idiot i really am so ................................ i should just put pics up on herr or something

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Saturday. 11.4.06 4:18 pm
mood: :( :(
listening to: Red Hott Chilli Peppers
OMG i ripped my pants! i was being stupid and i was trying to do a handstand against the wall and the first time i tried i felt something tearing but then i felt my ass and nothing was there but it did it again and i realized that there was a bigg ass gash right by the back pocket! that was the only pair of pants i have with me all weekend, kinda gross but true, so i think i need more pants. and those were my fav too, i just got it not that long ago from target and they were super comfy and it made me look skinny lol,

my perfect blue jeans

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